About Us

The founder of HiO Development stumbled into the web development world after years of working in Media and Content Development. He fell in love with the way servers operate and how he could take a bundle of web files and disentangle the code to make them load faster. This passion combined with his passion for design and visual appeal made for a great pair for the web development market. When he first realized this, Hio Development was born. The perfect word to described HiO Development and the owner would be dynamic, a force to stimulate change or progress within a system. We are taking the market by storm and offering exceptional products at a great value.

Innovative Ideas

Creative and intelligent solutions

Need help deciding on where to go with your website or application? Schedule a meeting and see how we can help get you started. We love to talk tech!


Highly optimized for users

The saying, time is money, turns out to be a proven fact. Take a look at this article. We can make sure your users get the best experience from your website.

Totally Responsive

Works on all devices and screen sizes

All of our development is fully responsive. In today's era there is really no other choice. Over 50% of all website traffic generated is through mobile devices!

Website Design

Best Website Designs

A great site can't come without a great look. We can help bring your vision to screens everywhere. We also love getting the opportunity to help create new design!

Areas of Focus

We can do it all, from custom sites to sites developed with a Content Management System (CMS). We have focused on developing CMS modules and API's to integrate into your website using the Flask framework. Flask is a lightweight but powerful solution developed in Python that can tackle anything from creating a Blog, developing Artificial Intelligence (AI), and developing websites. Our modules and way of development help to ensure a great product that is not only functional but also fast and scalable. We focus on ensuring all of our sites score well with Google Page Speed Insights, a website analysis tool created by Google. Every industry wants more out of their websites, and we are here to make that happen.