Application Development

For other types of development, whether it be a Mobile Application or Web Application, we use certain tools for the job at hand. The Flask framework is our favorite tool to get the job done, but we are also familiar with JavaScript Frameworks such as Node.js and React. Flask is developed in Python and is extremely diverse. It can also stack well with Webpack, Babel., React and more. Due to the wide array of possibilities a client could want, we can only price a project after a consultation. Please give us a call with your potential project, and we will walk you through the technology, timelines and development procedures we would use to complete your project.


We use several tools for the front-end to make everything appear modern and sleek. Bootstrap, React, Vue.js, Meteor, Polymer and more. Javascript is one of our focused languages


For the back-end, whether it be developed as an API or directly with the application at hand, we love Python. Python is extremely flexible and can tackle any server-side duty with ease and clean looking code. Our Framework of choice is Flask. We can also develop a back-end using Node.js and Javascript. Python is one of our focused languages


With MySQL, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, and PostgresSQL, we can develop a back-end for any project. We can also use tools such as Flask-Migrate to ensure your database is easily scalable


No application is good without the option to scale. All applications start out slow in the beginning, but if they gain traction without scalability, you have to redevelop your entire database. Let us put together a plan that makes sense

Request More Information

If you have a serious project please call with further questions. We can offer ball park estimates and completion time frames when you provide a description your application. Items we would need in order to provide an estimate are: functionality of the application (what will it be doing), estimate of how many people it will service, when you would need it completed by, and if the application needs to merge with any other technologies or softwares with a list provided.