Website Design and Development

Website Development is a fundamental part of any business today. Whether you have an online store or need a spot to direct a client, a website is the answer. With there being so many ways to develop a website, we take the research out of the equation and use proven web development techniques and technologies advised by Google, Udacity, and other big names. Check out how our process works below.

Understand Your Needs

We first start by getting a detailed idea of what you, as a client, are looking for. In this step, we can help you along the way by suggesting ideas and showing examples of what we can create. If you already know what you are looking for, even better, this step will fly by.

Gather and Create Content

Here we will use your idea and content to create a draft. This will help us visualize your thoughts and allow for further collaboration to make sure we get it right. This will also give you the chance to add any last-minute thoughts to your project.

Development and Design

We will implement the draft into a production-ready website. After your site is complete, we will offer the chance for review and any edits.

Initialize Deployment

The last step in our process will be making sure you are happy with your site, and then deploying to a server. At this point, your site will be live and you can share it with the world!

From Start to Finish

We have taken a great deal of time perfecting our process for both our clients and our own business. HiO Development provides quick and easy websites that look great and perform at their peak. With turn around times in as little as two weeks, we can have you ready to go in no time! When you are ready to move forward with your website please reach out here or give us a call! We would love to hear from you! You can find our technology here.

Website Hosting Services

Hosting can be a difficult choice in and of itself. The amount of storage, memory, and ram you need for a site or application depends greatly on the overall size of your site, as well as the number of visitors you receive to your site. We can help you decide your hosting needs based upon what you are looking to accomplish. We also make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan when necessary! Check out our hosting options below. To find out more detail visit our technology page.

Servers are not created equal and neither are server providers. With tons of server providers available, it is important to choose a reputable server provider to host your sites. We are proud to use DreamHost as our server provider to host and manage all of our client websites! DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime, all the time!

Shared Hosting

Advertise small sites, speed not as big of an issue

Virtual Private Server

Small to Medium size organizations or web-apps

Dedicated Server

Medium to Large scale organization hosting heavy sites or web-apps

Email Support

Alongside our hosting plans, we provide the option to add and host emails! Whether it is a small company or large organization, we can provide emails to everyone in need. We will also do the set up so you don't have to. Check out our technology page to get further details about our email campaigns! Security is always at the forefront of everything we do. We use the latest technologies and run security updates immediately to ensure the risk of losing data isn't something you need to lose sleep over. We use HTTPS, hash all passwords, run backups and monitor our sites to keep the worry out of your hands. Security comes with everything we do no questions asked. For HIPAA compliant hosting, please call for details.

Website Speed Matters

The time it takes your web pages to download from a server and display to your users can greatly affect your bottom line. With a faster website, visitors are more likely to return. There are many factors to take into consideration when dealing with website performance. A few of these are, image sizing, deferring non-critical CSS, inlining CSS and Javascript, eliminating render-blocking, ensuring text remains visible during webfont load, minimize request depth, and implementing AMP pages. Of course, many other factors go into a fast site, such as the speed of the hosting plan you are on, but these are a few that will give you the most bang for your buck. There are also a lot of tools on the market to check your site's optimization. We strongly suggest checking your site, you can use the tools listed below to do so.

Google Page Speed Insights is powered by Lighthouse. We prefer Lighthouse over Page Speed Insights due to differing results, but in all fairness, Google Page Speed Insights does a great job and gives you a different look into the performance of your site. Lighthouse can be accessed and run in the Chrome developer tools!
Lighthouse is an open-source tool created by Google that gives you advice on the current state of your web pages, and how to improve them overall. Lighthouse can be run directly from the developer tools in Chrome and is a quick and easy way to see what optimizations could help improve the performance of your site.
GoogleAnalytics is a great tool to get a sneak peek at how many users your site is generating, how long users are staying on each page, how many clicks they make on each page, and if they return to your site. This tool helps you tell if users are happy with their experience on your site and gives you the data to back it up.

Website Performance Test

With Google Page Speed Insights:

Why Optimize

Although it does take some work to get a site performing well, it is well worth the time invested. Having a slow website can turn potential customers away. If it takes 3 seconds or longer for a customer to load your website, you have a fairly good chance that customer will go to the next business on the Google search list. As far as businesses go, most of us are a dime a dozen, including HiO Development. Customers have endless choices on who they can choose for any of their needs. Which is why standing out with a fast site, great ratings, and on the top of a Google search list is the key. We offer specialized Optimization, SEO, and Hosting packages that pair nicely with any Website package. We have studied the market and created a very competitive technology plan you will be happy with. We encourage you to check out our technology page and most definitely reach out to us with any questions.